Model Presentations

Presentation by Stuart Green, Coalition Director:

What Schools Must Do SG 1-15

Btalk - CB 5-11B

For another example of a recommended presentation, visit the website of Stan Davis, a leading anti-bullying consultant, at Among the many useful materials posted on his site is a sample of one of his presentations. In Davis' case, the slide alone definitely does not convey the presentation - he actually uses magic tricks to make his points!

Bullying as Child Abuse rev1 - 4-19-13

harmful consequences of bullying

Liz Athos Law PresentationMay 2011

Greene 2011 Reporting-Investigatory Procedures

staff responses to bullying

Bully prevention NSCC

Ttofi editorial 2011

TK case - full

YVP parent educator tip sheet


Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

Green Nature of Bullying - Day 1 9am-10

Green Nature of Bullying - short

2009 Bullying Graph

Anne Gregory NJ Grantmakers 2011 Slides

CDC Bully HIB Assessment

Green What to Do - Drew 1-12

HIBTraining DOE PP


Hopkins pos beh support study 2-12

Mayer 2-12 GSE HIB Training

Green What to Do - short

Green What to Do

Green Nature of Bullying

what works - pos peers early ch

SG article 2012 Effective Intervention Bullying

Green What to Do-NASW 8-12

Green Nature of Bullying-NASW 8-12

suspensions of disabled students - Times - 8-12

what makes a school best Times 6-12

Prison abuse Times 9-12

BULLYING RESEARCH 06-11 to 12-12

Ed. Dept. Orders Sports Access for Disabled 01-13

Bullying as Child Abuse rev1 - 4-19-13


Bullying testimony 6-18-12








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