Coalition Update 6/04: 

The NJ network of organizations  
committed to doing something about bullying continues to develop, currently under the NJ Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention banner (the name may change at some point). 5 Projects described earlier are all developing as we speak: (a) Website: a new volunteer web designer is about to come on board, which should lead to a major upgrade in the look and usefulness of this site; (b) Law Project: educational meetings for lawyers are soon to be held - notice will be forthcoming; (c) Training/Resources: a process for identifying, evaluating and recommending bullying-related programs and materials is being developed; (d) Support Line: a process and structure to support the existing hotline (877 NOBULLY) is being developed; and (e) Parents' Campaign: NJ Parents Caucus and Statewide Parent Advocacy Network are working on this, and I am excited about the prospects!