The next meeting of the Coalition will be held on 3/29 at 12:30pm at the Law Center in New Brunswick
Organizations wishing to attend should email Stuart Green or call at 908 522-2581.

The following developments since 11/04:

(a) The amicus brief in the LW case has been completed and was filed on Monday 2/7.  (See Legal Issues page, this site, for a link to the brief.) A further update will be provided at the meeting and a summary of the case status and further steps will be posted.

(b) Michael Greene has completed an article which reviews bullying-related studies and provides an excellent overview of what we know - and don't - about addressing and preventing bullying. A pre-publication copy of the article (not for further distribution) will be available at the meeting.

(c) The US Olweus team has now certified two trainers for NJ: Leisa-Anne Smith of NJ State Bar Foundation and Jeannette Collins of NJ Child Assault Prevention. School districts interested in guided implementation of a whole school model can contact them directly (see organization information on the Contacts page of this site). It should be emphasized that it is possible to implement a whole school model and/or take other significant steps to address bullying effectively without such consultation, and there is a cost (several thousand dollars) associated with the Olweus consultation. Nor should addressing and preventing bullying be regarded as a proprietary product, even Olweus': the information necessarily is well covered in the academic and other literature, and available at low cost or free (see the Coalition References handout on the 'Resources' page of this site).  But obviously the guidance of a trainer associated with the Olweus team is an attractive option, considering Olweus' well-deserved status as the field's founder.

(d) Randy Ross, of the Office of Bias Crime and Community Relations (OBCCR) (the 'NJ Cares About Bullying' campaign leader) has moved to a new position, as a bias and bullying specialist at Brown University, with responsibility for the New England region. We congratulate her and look forward to the prospect of her even greater impact on the field, but it's a loss for NJ. All bullying-related functions at OCCBR (e.g., the campaign, the 887-NO-BULLY hotline) continue with the great support of Randy's associate Charmell Diagouraga, while interviewing goes on for new staff. We'll update status at the meeting.

(e) A call went out in January for parents interested in helping organize the statewide parents' anti-bullying campaign. Some responses were received, more would be helpful, but a list is being compiled and it is hoped an organizational meeting can be held within the next few months (before June). Parents interested in the campaign should either contact Stuart Green, or Sh'corah Yehudah of SPAN (see Contacts page, this site).

(f) The training project group, which generated the Guide for School Administrators (see 'Selecting Anti-Bullying Programs', at left) has established a process for identifying all bullying-related programs in NJ. This is now being done - a draft of the database will be circulated to project group participants first, and then more widely, for additions and comment. The goal is a complete listing of programs and characteristics. With that list in one hand, and an appropriate training project checklist (e.g., for school admin, for teachers, for parents, for community groups, etc.)  in the other, anyone interested in addressing bullying should be able to quickly identify an appropriate program or consultant process.