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Medline Abstract

P Fonagy, SW Twemlow, E Vernberg, FC Sacco, and TD Little
Creating a peaceful school learning environment: the impact of an antibullying program on educational attainment in elementary schools.
Med Sci Monit, July 1, 2005; 11(7): CR317-325.
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University College London, England.

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Background: The impact of a bullying and violence prevention program on education attainment was studied in five elementary schools (K-5), over a 5-year period. Material/Methods: A multiple baseline design was used and academic attainment test scores of 1,106 students were monitored before and after the introduction of the program across the school district. This sample was contrasted with an equivalent control sample of 1,100 students from the school district who attended schools that did not join the program. Results: Program participation was associated with pronounced improvements in the students' achievement test scores. Notable reductions in the scores of those students who left schools with active programs were also observed. Conclusions: This simple, low-cost anti-violence intervention, involves all those who work in schools, not just students. It appears to significantly benefit educational performance of children in the participating elementary schools. The program focuses attention on the interaction between the bully, victim and audience of bystanders who are seen as pivotal in either promoting or ameliorating violence. Buy in to the philosophy by teachers & administration is high, because the format allows each school to create materials with its own personal stamp, and since there is no classroom curriculum add on, the burden to teachers is vastly reduced. Psychiatrists who work with schools could easily assist a school to put the program in place as part of their consultation work.

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  • Journal article

PMID: 15990689



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